Washing Cloth Diapers and Other Laundering Tips

eliminating odor from cloth diapersAs the country heads in a more “green” direction, more and more families are doing their part and choosing to use cloth diapers. One of the biggest drawbacks to cloth diapers is cleaning them but it’s not quite as awful as it may seem.

There are 2 basic methods for storing wet and soiled cloth diapers until you are ready to launder them – the wet pail method and the dry pail method.

Wet Pail Method for Storing Soiled Cloth Diapers

Storing your dirty cloth diapers in a bin full of water is known as the wet pail method. This is done to help prevent stains from setting in and can be considered a pre-soak if you will. Adding OdorZout Laundry Additive to the water while the diapers sit will help keep the odor under control.

When it’s time to wash the diapers, drain the water and throw the diapers into your washing machine with another dose of Laundry Additive.  Once washed the diapers are as good new and the Laundry Additive Powder leaves no trace keeping baby’s skin safe.

The wet pail method is not as popular as it used to be because of the potential for mess.

Dry Pail Method for Storing Soiled Cloth Diapers

The more common dry pail method, will have you storing wet and soiled diapers in a covered (or uncovered) bin with no pre-soaking. The odor seems to be the biggest drawback to this method and can be combatted. There are plenty of commercial diaper pail deodorant products out there but most of them simply cover up the odor. OdorZout All Surface Granules completely eliminate the smell without perfumes or chemicals.

How to Wash Cloth Diapers

Let’s begin with something that seems obvious but is often forgotten in the midst of handling a baby and life, do not stuff the machine full in order to avoid that extra load. You want the detergent to move freely through the diapers which helps to ensure all of it is rinsed.

Add two teaspoons of OdorZout Laundry Additive to the machine and add about 1/2 of your normal detergent. The combination of the laundry additive and detergent will completely eliminate odors from your cloth diapers. It is also recommended to send your diapers through two cycles: a COLD/COLD wash and a HOT/COLD wash.

After the washing portion is finished, your diaper should smell fresh and clean with no hint of urine, feces, ammonia or other unpleasant odors. Be sure to take note of any suds left in your final rinse water and re-rinse if needed. RINSING IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT STEPS WHEN CLEANING YOUR CLOTH DIAPERS! Be sure your rinse water rinses your diapers completely free of bubbles.

Now your diapers are clean and odor-free and ready to dry. Baby will appreciate the extra steps and so will your nose.

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