Love My Pet, The Pet Odor – Not So Much

143176560Most dog lovers will agree that a dog is a man’s best friend, and every crazy cat lady you know would find it impossible to imagine life without cats, but what about the odors that these loving pets leave behind?

“Fresh” and “clean-smelling” are not typically the words that come to mind when visiting a house that is shared with our closet animal companions. Animals can easily leave behind unwanted messes and a trail of pungent odors that will make your home smell like an animal hotel.

After living with your pets for a while you can become desensitized to the odors that originate from your loving pets but your friends and family will be able to tell that you have a pet companion the minute they walk into your home. For some people, this can be a source of embarrassment.

What can a pet owner do to minimize odors safely in the home? Here are a few things that will help assist with the removal of pet odor so that your company is not overwhelmed with unpleasant odors when they are visiting your home.

Pet Grooming

The first thing is to keep you pet clean and well groomed. This will go a long way towards neutralizing odors in the future and in the carpet. Once a day, if possible, spend some time brushing your pet. This way you will minimize shedding. Fur that has been shed all over your home does have a scent that you most likely want to avoid.

Clean House

Before you do some necessary housekeeping sprinkle some OdorZout on your carpets and let it absorb for a couple minutes. This will neutralize the smell of pet odor that is trapped in your carpet. Next you will want to vacuum your home of any excess animal hair that has made its way into your carpets. Manufacturers have come out with an assortment of vacuum attachments and other tools that are designed to pick up animal fur efficiently.

OdorZout is one of several products on the market that is designed to kill any remaining smells within your home. A clean and odor free home will allow you to enjoy being a pet owner that much more.

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