Odor Elimination Tips for Your Home

Odor of AlcoholDoes your home or maybe even your car just plain smell bad? Do you dread the thought of family and friends coming over and smelling the odor as soon as they walk in?

The smell could be caused by a number of things such as bacteria, mold, residual cooking odors, smoking, poor ventilation, humidity, and even body odor. These are just a few of the many culprits that can cause awful odors within your home. Here are a few tips for odor elimination.

Fresh Air

Fresh air can be a major factor in eliminating the odor within your home. If there is inadequate ventilation in your home then you are practically inviting odors to stay. Begin by opening up windows and doors in your home to allow air to flow easily throughout the home even if the weather outside is cold.

The longer you can leave the windows and doors open in your home the more likely you are to have the odor dissipate. If for some reason you can not leave the doors and windows open keep a fan running at all times to circulate the air to prevent odors from accumulating.

Get It Outside

If there is furniture in your home that is not smelling as fresh as it could, sometimes taking it outdoors on a warm, dry day can be effective. If the furniture can be easily moved the first suggestion would to be move it out into direct sunlight. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can kill mold and bacteria along with a combination of heat and wind. This will dry out any moisture that is trapped inside furniture and causing odor in your home.


Vinegar is an all natural and safe deodorizer for your kitchen. It can quickly and effectively kill bacteria, mold, and germs because of its acidic nature. Along with its highly acidic nature vinegar leaves no residue and the smell vanishes when dry. If you are looking to eliminate the odor in your garbage disposal you can easily freeze white vinegar in an ice cube tray then pour the cubes down the disposal while running cold water to kill any left over smells.

Of course, OdorZout works on all these problems and is a bit easier than relocating your living room to your back yard. You can rid yourself of unwanted odors by sprinkling the product throughout the house and letting it sit overnight before vacuuming up the remains. It’s safe for children and pets, so sprinkle it before bed, turn on a fan and then wake up to a fresher smelling home.

Try these tips for eliminating all odors in your home and save the oil, sprays, and candles for an aromatic treat instead of fighting odors. Next time guests arrive you will be spared the embarrassment and anxiety caused by a houseful of unwanted odors.

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  1. Just got my bucket of odorzout today. One question though, can I mix granules with water or another liquid to make a solution? I’m getting ready to paint several rooms in my house & I want to get rid of smell of cigarette smoke. Making a solution to spray on walls would be ideal. Is it possible?

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