National Mutt Day

Today is National Mutt Day. Yeah for mutts!

Here are 10 of the 50 Ways to Celebrate from National Mutt Day. (Visit for the complete list)

  1. Adopt a Mutt from your local shelter or rescue organization. Volunteer at your local shelter and offer to walk a Mutt or play with a  Mutt, clean cages or anything else they need help with.
  2. Donate blankets, food and toys to animal welfare organizations.
  3. Offer to walk the MUTT of an elderly neighbor.
  4. Have a portrait painted of your  Mutt to suspend the fleeting magic of muttdom.
  5. Buy your  Mutt a fun new dog toy.
  6. Brush your  Mutt to reduce shedding and mutted fur.
  7. Take your Mutt to the dog park for a romp.
  8. Hire a pet photographer to capture your  Mutt’s life moments.
  9. Pamper your  Mutt with a massage.
  10. And last but not least – pledge to never yell at or hit your  Mutt…to be patient and kind and give your  Mutt lots of love and praise every day.

And from Happier, a fun infographic Why Pets Makes Us Happier.


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