Rid Your Home of Hidden Carpet Odors

Carpet SmellAre you looking to remove that hideous carpet smell in your home that may stink up the whole room and eventually spread to the whole house? You are not the only person facing an awful carpet odor. Obviously, your goal is to completely remove the smell from both your carpet and your home.

There are many common causes of carpet odor within a home. Typical causes of carpet smells include smoke odors from an indoor fireplace or a smoker, urination from household pets, and mildew.

Often, carpets have a pad of material beneath the actual carpet. This padding is what makes the carpeting soft and comfortable. Unfortunately, when accidents occur this can make cleaning and odor elimination more complicated. Wet accidents, such as liquid spills and pet accidents, can penetrate the pad and hold those nasty smells even though the original mess has been scrubbed and cleaned. Moisture trapped in a carpet pad typically results in that unpleasant mildew odor.

If you have lived at the home for a period of time you may actually have become accustomed to the smell. You may hardly notice it but your guests will notice it right away. This is especially true if you are a smoker. If you smoke, or allow others to smoke in your home, then you can be quite sure that your carpet has a stale cigarette or cigar odor.

The same is true for pets. Although you may not notice typical odors associated with your pet, other people most likely will. If you are concerned about odors that you may not be noticed, have a friend come in and take a breath. Ask them to give you an honest opinion about odors that may be lurking in your carpet or elsewhere in your home.

Once you have tracked down the initial area of the smell the second step would be to sprinkle some OdorZout on the area. It will help neutralize the source of the smell and freshen up the room. Depending on how long the odor has been festering, more than one application might be necessary.

Your best bet to eliminate odors is to get it right away. If you spill or there is an “accident”, mop up the liquid and apply OdorZout right away. Because OdorZout eliminates moisture in addition to odors, you can save yourself from a lingering odor further down the road. Even if you plan on having your carpets professionally cleaned, use OdorZout first. It will eliminate the odors from the carpet and pad plus the window coverings, furniture and even the walls.

Don’t let the hidden, lingering smells take over your house any more. Keep a bottle of OdorZout on hand. You never know when the next “accident” will happen.

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