Does It Work?

Of course, we’re going to say it works and over 175 OdorZout products reviews on Amazon plus an average 4 + star rating support our claims. Here are what people are saying:

Better living through chemistry. Go figure. Bad smells gone. Gone. Gone. Be prepared to use a vacuum, but otherwise this is about as simple and efficient as it gets. Sprinkle it around, wait 24 hours (in our case) and consider it re-newed. Your thing may still be dirty, old and nasty, but it will smell neutral.

Douglas R Small

This product is amazing! We had water flood our basement, and we didn’t think we needed the professionals to come clean it up. After finally getting everything dry, the basement smelled horribly like mildew. We tried Rug Doctor Odor Remover and that did nothing. We purchased OdorZout as a last resort. We were given very good instructions by the company to sprinkle the product very sparingly and then run a fan on it overnight. They said better to do two applications than use too much because using too much would work just the opposite and hold the odor in. We left it for almost 24 hours. The room still stunk awfully after that time, and we were convinced it hadn’t worked until we vacuumed up the granules. The room smells perfectly fine now. We were so amazed!

D. Huntley

Really gets smells out!!!


This product is UNBELIEVABLE!! I was so afraid to try Odorzout. I suddenly had an odor in my home and could not find where it was coming from. It was in my furniture and my clothing. I am a clean freak and knew it had nothing to do with dirt or filth. I have a small dog and cat in my home but it was not a pet smell. It was not even a bad smell but a strong sweet smell.After finding your product on line, I bought two bottles of the all purpose. I did as instructed and even put small amounts in a stocking and placed it in all closets. The odor is gone from my home and clothes!!

Deana Linkous

I never would have thought in a million years that your product would get rid of the cat urine odor in my office. The office stunk. We had professional carpet cleaners in but the odors remained. We moved the bookcase and piano and found green from old urine!! I knew I’d have to replace the carpet. We tried odorzout first after seeing it in the queen’s book. It was worth a try. I used my own steamer to clean, let it dry and used your product 3 times and the odor is GONE!! The carpet is still discolored but I can put a throw rug over that. I also use it in my litter box and it keeps it smelling clean. You have a customer for life!

Kris Petersen


  1. i have a in door dog will this product in any way hurt him?

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