Does It Work?

Of course, we’re going to say it works and over 175 OdorZout products reviews on Amazon plus an average 4 + star rating support our claims. Here are what people are saying:

I would like to say that even though I have 5 cats, my house never smells of cat urine or litter. I use your cat litter additive all the time. People that have cats say that they don’t smell anything in my home and that their home always smells. I tell them about your products. I have 2 litter boxes and they never smell. I have tried all the other products at the pet stores and nothing come close to get the smell out.

Thank you for your product.

June S.

I tried to get a mildewy “old house” smell out of my daughter’s box spring and mattress. I’ll admit it took a few tries, but it worked! I sprinkled it all over the surface, let it sit for a few days, then vacuumed it off. Turned them over and did the process again. By about the fourth application, the nasty odor was gone. OH, and at the same time, I decided to try it on a very old mahogany dresser and chest that I had tried everything on, and had had dipped and refinished. That “old smell” was still in the drawers. It worked! I’ve recommended this product and the laundry one to all my friends.

Kathleen Boyce

What an incredible product. I purchased a very expensive leather purse on Ebay, and didn’t ask if it came from a “smoking” or “Non-smoking” home…I was very upset with myself when it came in the mail. It stunk sooo bad I could smell it when still in the fully covered shipping box, through layers of bubble wrap. I tried everything, and nothing worked, in fact it got worse. I have listened to the Queen for years, and so I gave Odorzout a shot, what did I have to lose? I had to put in and remove the granules 3 times, and on the outside also, as instructed by your wonderful customer service person, and vacuum it out with an attachment. I couldn’t believe the results! No more stink, at all!!!! I was dumbfounded, but deliriously happy!

Kay Schmitke

My daughter wears her “Ugg Boots” without socks and after a few weeks they REEK!! I’m talking a horrible funk that hurts to smell.

Washing these boots is a major pain (probably not good for them either) and you can’t really get deep inside them with anything given their size.

I put a little OdorZout in the boot, left it overnight, turned the boot upside down, shook out the crystals the next morning. The smell was gone.

Incredible! I was shocked that it worked so well.

Robert Fleischman

Used this to get rid a nasty mildew smell from my couch cushions. Let the product sit overnight. It worked, no kidding. I was surprised Andy impressed. I would recommend for tough odor removal.

David J Allen


  1. i have a in door dog will this product in any way hurt him?

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