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  • Washing Cloth Diapers and Other Laundering Tips - As the country heads in a more “green” direction, more and more families are doing their part and choosing to use cloth diapers. One of the biggest drawbacks to cloth diapers is cleaning them but it’s not quite as awful as it may seem. There are 2 basic methods for…

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  • Odor Removal Made Easy - No matter how much of a clean freak you are there is no way to prevent pesky, lingering odors from creeping their way into your home. One of the most frequently asked questions we get about our OdorZout product line involves odor removal – obviously. People always ask “will it…

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  • How to Get Rid of Smoke Smell - Lingering smoke smell is one of the most invasive odors and can be extremely difficult to remove. The thing about smoke smell is infiltrates every corner of every space it comes into contact with. You might notice smoke smell on the pages of book, on the lining of your curtains…

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  • Help! My Dog Peed. How to Combat The Dog Urine Smell. - You come home from a long day at work and open the door to catch an ammonia-like whiff that can mean only one thing – the dog peed. AGAIN. Instead of putting your feet up and enjoying a glass of wine, you are now stuck scrubbing and washing in hopes…

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  • You Got Skunked. Now What? How to Get Rid of Skunk Odor. - So maybe it wasn’t you that got skunked. Most likely it was your dog.  You were out enjoying a walk and all of a sudden, your dog zooms off and starts barking. It doesn’t take long before you smell it. Skunk! You hear of stories where some dogs just get…

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  1. Where can I buy odorzout in nc I’ve tried pets art and ace hardware to no avail

  2. We bought our house 16 years ago. It had been infested with rats. One hallway has a closet for the furnace. It reeks of rat urine and wafts out into the hall. Without tearing out the sheetrock, how can I get rid of the smell? There is a space in the ceiling that is open and can be reached. It seems to be where most of the smell is. Please help. Thank you.

    • Hi Michele. OdorZout All-Surface Granules should help with problem. You can read more about the product and how to use it here: All-Surface Granules. The beauty of this product is by lightly sprinkling the product on the floor it will take the odor away from the whole area including the ceiling and the walls. Please let us know if you have any questions! support [at] odorzout [dot] com.

  3. I will tell you that there has never been a product like OdorZout All Surface Granules in the marketplace, which truly removes the cat urine smell from carpet. I also will truthfully tell you that even on recommendation from the Queen of Clean, I did not believe that your product would remove the odor. I am pleased to say that I was proven wrong!

    Your product is unbelievable!! Thank you, thank you, and thank you from a 5 cat, 2 horse family.

  4. Wow! The All-Surface Granules really work and it is so easy to use. I have a 15 year old cat who had soaked my new sofa with urine. I had done everything I knew of to try to rid it of the stench. Twenty-four hours with Odorzout, and you would never guess there had ever been a problem. I also have a pouch hanging by the litter box. I never intend to be without your product again.

    Thank you.

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